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Industrial and Mechanical

Application Areas

Ultrasound and light transparent structures: AEP materials can be moulded or machined to form structures that are transparent to both light and ultrasound. This has resulted in their application to the calibration of ultrasound measuring instruments using structures modelled from AEP materials. With the models, ultrasound measurements can be calibrated using visual reference that would usually be unavailable in typical applications.

Mechanical reactions: AEP materials expand and move when water is absorbed. This property can be used to mechanically react in a variety of switching and sealing applications without the need for any external power or monitoring.

Features of AEP Compounds
  • Biologically benign
  • Cross linked for chemical stability
  • Variable formulations for tailored properties
  • Wide range of expansion volumes
  • Wide choice of absorption capacities
  • Wide choice of absorption rates
  • Stable and consistent from pH 1 to pH 14 inclusive
  • Stable and consistent in distilled water and saline to 20+% NaCl
  • High temperature stability to 180+ deg C
  • Permeable to ions in solution and soluble organics
  • Speed and rate of elution of solutes is adjustable
  • Transparent or coloured
  • Selective absorption of polar liquids:

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Moulded or machined components made from AEP materials can be used to mimic products that are opaque to light and are to be measured using ultrasound. The optical transparancy of AEP materials facilitates the calibration and proof of ultrasound instruments with visual validation.

Mechanical switches made of AEP materials can lie dormant for many years without external power. On exposure to water the the switch is activated.