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I H Polymeric Ltd.
Trading as Polymeric Sciences

I H Laboratories was established in 1974 to carry out research and production of hydrophilic materials for industrial uses. The first application was for the manufacture of contact lenses. The materials developed were marketed in the period 1975 to 1979 under the trade name of Duragel, by a limited company of the same name created purely as a sales company. In 1978 another company was formed, Duragel-Duralens, which sold lenses in the UK, made in Sweden by Scanlens AB, who were one of Duragel's largest customers. In December 1979, Duragel and Duragel-Duralens were sold to Coopervision, a large US ophthalmic manufacturer, later acquired by Pilkington and more recently by Wesley Jessen Inc.

In 1982 I H Polymeric Ltd. trading as Polymeric Sciences was formed to supply contact lens materials. Although this part of the business had been sold, continuing demand by previous customers of Duragel as a result of commercial decisions by Coopervision, led to a resumption of these activities. Polymeric Sciences continues to supply contact lens materials world wide, and includes both the French and UK contact lens laboratories of Wesley Jessen PBH, Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, and many of the UK contact lens producers.

In 1992 links with universities (Surrey and the Cranfield Institute) were established to further enhance the development of new products and applications. Patents include materials for contact lens applications and a patent on deformable polymeric compositions which is of importance in that it covers the principle of shrink recovery which has potential applications in dental and construction products.

Currently the Company supplies specialist hydrophilic materials under confidentiality agreements to international companies, in some cases as the sole supplier.

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Polymeric Sciences
I H Polymeric Ltd.

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I H Polymeric Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, Company number 3078272
Registered office: 73 Redhill Wood, New Ash Green,Longfield, KentDA3 8QP, UK.

Contact lens and implant materials are available in a range of water contents from 61% to 78% and with linear expansions from 1.39 to 1.67.