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Andrews Wright Ltd.
An affiliate of Polymeric Sciences

Andrews Wright Ltd. is a UK based innovator and consultancy specialising in hydrophilic materials and products. Following 8 years in R&D of polymer composite materials and 10 years in chemicals business development the founders of Andrews Wright joined Polymeric Sciences in 1994. Initially under the name of I H Polymeric Products. The development of a new family of materials and applications saw the establishment of the Andrews Wright name in 2001.

Andrews Wright has primary responsibility for the development and management of new products and applications under the AEP label. New applications to date have included wound care,  encapsulation and controlled release, ultrasound media, implants, liquid containment, swelling seals, sensors and leak detection. New applications will continue to be sought and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Polymeric Sciences
Andrews Wright Ltd.

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United Kingdom
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E-mail :info@hydrophilic.co.uk


2007 Andrews Wright Ltd.

Andrews Wright Ltd. Registered in England & Wales, Company number 4774035.
Registered office: Unit 10 Grasslands, Maidstone, Kent ME17 3JJ, UK.

Examples of hydrophilic types:

AEP 40
Low water absorption and swell with maximum mechanical stability and dessicant action.

AEP 50
Most used for encapsulation of other chemical materials for preservation and controlled release.

AEP 60
Most used for moulding and mechanical devices with best combination of mechanical stability and volume expansion.

AEP 80
High volume expansion and water absorption used for wound care and similar applications

AEP blends
Blended formulations are made using a combination of proprietry and/or commercial materials for the manufacture of a range of products.