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Consultancy and Research & Development

Application Areas

R&D: Research and development is the origin of many new and novel products, such as transducers, fuel cells, scleral lenses and restorative surgery aids. Project partners include Moorefield Eye Hospital and universites of Oxford, Surrey and Cranfield in the UK and Lehigh University in the USA.
download here Click here to download published paper on AEP polymers in hydrophilic transducers

Consultancy: Collaborative projects are carried out in confidence for the development of new applications with national and international companies, with clients including well known names such as Bausch and Lomb, Glaxo Smith Kline and AgION Technologies.

Features of AEP Compounds

  • Biologically benign
  • Cross linked for chemical stability
  • Variable formulations for tailored properties
  • Dessicating preservative
  • Wide choice of absorption capacities
  • Wide choice of absorption rates
  • Stable and consistent from pH 1 to pH 14 inclusive
  • Stable and consistent in distilled water and saline to 20+% NaCl
  • High temperature stability to 180+ deg C
  • Permeable to ions in solution and soluble organics
  • Speed and rate of elution of solutes is adjustable
  • Transparent or coloured
  • Selective absorption of polar liquids:

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hydrophilic transducer donut

An AEP hydrophilic polymer component lies at the heart of a brillouin scattering transducer for the precision measurement of ground moisture levels.